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A unique place to learn BDD theory and test automation practices from industry expert John Ferguson Smart, on your own terms and at your own pace.

- Learn Serenity BDD from the source!

- Understand how to write cleaner, more sustainable tests and test code!

- Progress from the basics to mastering advanced topics!

- Learn what Behaviour Driven Development really is about!

- Improve your career prospects and enjoy your job!

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Recognised Digital Certification

At the end of each course, you receive a digital certificate from Accredible, the industry-leading digital credentialing platform. Download your certificates as proof of your training - you can even post your certificate on LinkedIn for prospective employers to see!

"Love the courses, they helped me to boost my knowledge a lot. Will recommend them to my colleagues!"

- Elena Volokhova, Test Automation Engineer

"The way I write code has changed after watching this course: it is now much more readable, better organised and easier to maintain."

- Sayali Kotkar, Test Automation Engineer