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Living Documentation: it’s not just about test reports

Living Documentation comes from the world of Behaviour Driven Development, and is closely related to the idea of Executable Specifications. But what do we mean by “living documentation”? Living documentation is, as the name suggests, both documentation, and living. It is...


BDD with Cucumber and Serenity - new lessons are out

The Serenity Dojo team is proud to announce the release of another two lessons in our "BDD with Cucumber and Serenity" programme. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Behaviour Driven Development, and how to implement BDD test automation in Java using Cucumber and Serenity BDD. The new...


User-centric and task-driven: a better way to automate

Too often, our acceptance tests end up as sequences of “click”s and “select”s running against a web application. This makes our tests hard to understand and hard to maintain. User-centric, task-driven test automation shows us a better way. When we learn something new, it is easy to get stuck in...


How not to prepare test data in JBehave and Cucumber

Preparing test data is hard, avoiding duplication and unnecessary setup time are common issues in all test automation. But it is especially important when we automate acceptance criteria using BDD tools such as JBehave and Cucumber. Duplicating setup logic in each scenario can lead to cluttered...


Beyond Page Objects: liberate yourself from the chains of UI-think!

So you have Page Objects in your test automation suite? That’s great! But it’s not enough! Page Objects are a great start, but you need to go further if you want truly sustainable, high quality test automation. The Page Objects origin story Page Objects are a popular automated web testing...